Hulco Terrax 2 trailer

 Mini digger transporter (T23002)

The Hulco Terrax 2 is equipped with a base made of aluminum tear-off plate, which is supported by many longitudinal beams, thus ensuring a very strong support.

​The low loading floor of 32cm and a sturdy ramp ensure a small access angle, making almost any vehicle easy to drive onto the trailer.

The ramp has torsion springs, a fixed bracket and robust closures. Furthermore, the functionality is optimized by a tray support, sufficient binding possibilities and integrated lighting.

Tyres: 185/60R12

Gross weight: 3000kg

Unladen weight: 785kg

Internal length: 3.94m

Internal width: 1.80m

Overall length: 5.73m

Overall width: 2.30m


Ifor Williams car transporter

CT 136 Twin Axle

Tyres: 155/70R12C
Gross weight: 2000kg
Unladen weight: 495kg
Internal length: 4.0m
Internal width: 1.84m
Overall length: 5.56m
Overall width: 2.30m


Ifor Williams LM166

Twin axle flat bed

The trailer is built around a welded steel, galvanized chassis fitted with bolt-on tapered drawbars and the Ifor Williams beam axle and leaf sprung suspension.

Tyres: 195/60R12C

Gross weight: 3500kg

Unladen weight: 795kg

Internal length: 4.77m (15' 6")

Internal width: 1.98m (6' 5")

Overall length: 6.20m

Overall width: 2.10m


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